Friday, September 18, 2015

Download every college football schedule and player to your iPhone

College football season is in full motion.  That means 4000 new freshman and 128 schedules to memorize.  It’s daunting to keep up with it all...but not anymore.

RapidRosters provides the fastest way to find players, schedules and records with or without the Internet.

Here is how

1. It's super fast - All rosters, schedules and rankings are downloaded to your phone so you can access it anywhere. 

2. It’s easy to navigate - You will love the simplicity.  Since everything is on the phone, it's super fast to find what you want. 

3. It's made for live action - You can easily switch between the teams and instantly toggle between rosters. 

4. It automatically updates week-to-week, once you have cell service or wifi

So get moving!

Paint your face, slow cook that giant brisket for the tailgate and put a 1000 rosters in your pocket.

It’s game time.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aggie Chi-O Launches Hot Football App

Angela Wilke, diehard Aggie, Class of '00 and mom of four, just launched one of the hottest college football apps in Apple's App Store.

Her app, RapidRoster, "is the fastest way to find players, schedules and records with or without Internet."

For 15 years, Angela sat on Kyle Field's 30-yard line next to Shelby, Aggie Class of '61.  Shelby brought to every game a laminated sheet with all the players on it, ordered alphabetically on one side and by numbers on the other.

Her husband said, "she was always stealing the sheet from Shelby."

At the end of last season, she said, "why can't I get this on my iPhone?"

The couple scoured the Internet for a solution.  Major sports apps were too cluttered, slow or didn't offer the simple interface and sorting Angela wanted.

So what do good Aggies do with a problem with no solution?

You guessed it.  They fix it.

The Wilkes released the app last week.  My goal, Angela said, "is to make it easy for you to find the players in the game you're watching."

You can find RapidRoster in the App Store,

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Make Gameday Tweets with Twitter#SMACK

Twitter#Smack auto-generates Tweets from the player profile using the player Twitter handle and game hashtag when they are available.