Friday, September 18, 2015

Download every college football schedule and player to your iPhone

College football season is in full motion.  That means 4000 new freshman and 128 schedules to memorize.  It’s daunting to keep up with it all...but not anymore.

RapidRosters provides the fastest way to find players, schedules and records with or without the Internet.

Here is how

1. It's super fast - All rosters, schedules and rankings are downloaded to your phone so you can access it anywhere. 

2. It’s easy to navigate - You will love the simplicity.  Since everything is on the phone, it's super fast to find what you want. 

3. It's made for live action - You can easily switch between the teams and instantly toggle between rosters. 

4. It automatically updates week-to-week, once you have cell service or wifi

So get moving!

Paint your face, slow cook that giant brisket for the tailgate and put a 1000 rosters in your pocket.

It’s game time.